Our Brand Intelligence team work hard to deliver actionable insights to our clients based on real-time data. At Herd, we see ourselves as brand-enablers who put our clients needs first.

You can do a lot with our insights

Brands come to us because they have specific business problems to solve. Some of our clients want to create a new brand strategy and need the deep insights to be able to do so. Other clients want to launch a new product, find their influencers and manage their reputation. We’d love to hear what we can do to help grow your brand.

Our clients go further with our data

Win New Business

We can identify new opportunities in the market and help to grow your brand

60 Billion

That's how many content engagements can be tracked by our team each day

Competitor Benchmarking

The insights our team provide, will ensure your brand continues to lead the pack

Share of Voice

We tell you how much Share of Voice your brand has across all channels


Knowing your influencers, can make your brand explode (in a good way)

Global Data

Herd's data sources are gathered from 197 countries in 80+ languages

Audience Segmentation

We know your audiences age, gender, location, interests, trends and much more

Earned Media Value

Our data measures the value of earned content and how much buzz it creates

Campaign Management

We can track, analyse and provide analytics on any campaign across any channel

Sentiment Analysis

Understanding the emotion behind the conversation allows a deeper connection

Reputation and Crisis

Two words that can make or break a brand. Luckily we can identify any issues early on

Product Launch

Launch your new product in the right place, to the right people, at the right time

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Let us solve your business problem

If you would like to find out how Herd can help your brand, please reach out for a chat.

Teamwork makes the dream work

We know that to survive, a brand needs to thrive. So once we have gathered insights, we can then work with you to create an ROI-winning strategy.

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